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Weblinks – Sources and Danish Census

Here are the family history website links for the day.

Source examples from Legacy Family Tree

Search Engines: In my experience, both AltaVista and Clusty seem to find the most relevant family history links.

While you are looking for Primary Sources in England, be sure to check out FreeBMD.... Birth / Marriage / Death – England

Danish ancestry? Look here for free access to Danish Census records. They have helped me find many of my Danish ancestors…

If you don’t read Danish, then try these two links (part of the above site, but you won’t have to hunt for them in a language you can’t read)…. http://www.ddd.dda.dk/soeg_amter.asp and http://www.ddd.dda.dk/soeg_person.asp

When searching for your ancestors in non-English speaking countries, you may not be able to read the language. However, there are many ‘key’ words used in family history research… i.e… Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt, etc… To find the translation of English words to other languages, go to AltaVista and click on the Babel Fish Translation link below the search field. Put your word in the field on the new page and then choose which language translation you want from the drop down list and hit the ‘Translate’ button. Write down the key words on a ‘cheat sheet’ …. you’ll use them in the future whenever you perform another search in the foreign language or read records that you find… The translations aren’t perfect, but will serve your research efforts in most cases…

And lastly, Steve Morse has one of the best genealogical portal pages on the web. Take a look at the various sites he has either written or links to on his site….


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