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A Matter of Perspective

I found this information some time ago and can’t confirm the original publisher other than those noted in the article below. As we read census, personal historical records and other personal artifacts about our ancestors, we ‘think’ we understand the context of most of the categories on the documents.

Earlier this year, I started employment with a company that uses specialized software tools. I’ve been involved with and certified in computer hardware, software and networking tools for many years and thought I understood the terms used in that field. That assumption wasn’t true in the new job. Many of the terms they use have radically different meanings than the common usage assigned to them in other industries. Similar issues exist in historical records and documents. Be sure you research the true intent of line and column headings, frequently used terms and other idioms used at the time the document was created before you ‘assume’ you understand what the document is truly saying.

Here’s a great example of a current day assumption being wrong.

“Remember when our grandparents, great-grandparents

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  1. Lee;
    This was great – thanks for posting it. Boy do I feel lacking!

    May I have permission to post this in our FHC newsletter? I would of course give credit to you and your blog and list the URL. Thanks again for the post.

    Comment by Sonora FHC | 30 August 2007 | Reply

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