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Genealogists – Deal of the Year

Here’s a deal that won’t be around long and is too good to not pass on to you…

Ancestry.com is selling their Family Tree Maker software for a very discounted price. The ‘deal’ part of the offer is that you get a one-year subscription to Ancestry with the purchase. I think this means that the subscription is to the most expensive “World Deluxe” offering which costs $24.95 a month if paid annually. Even if it is for the U.S. subscription; that cost is $12.95 a month if paid annually.

I personally don’t care for Family Tree Maker and will probably toss the unopened box to get the subscription. Who cares you say? Well, here’s the “But Wait, There’s More” part of the deal….

You additionally get other very valuable software with the package, but first, remember — ANCESTRY.COM- 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION FOR $15.49!

Click on this link to access the deal.

Here is what you get for less than $16:

  • Family Tree Maker v.16 ($100 value)
  • A one year subscription to Ancestry.com ($360 value)
  • Concise Genealogical Dictionary ($14 value)
  • Ancestry Reference Library CD-ROM ($50 value)
  • Family Tree Workbook ($20 value)
  • A copy of GenSmarts ($25 value)
  • Historical maps collection DVD
  • A 30 minute consultation from Ancestry

My suggestion on this offer? Jump on it like a duck on a June bug. ASAP – before the offer ends. Word will get out and the shelves will empty quickly. (BTW… I don’t have any affiliation with the vendor in any way).

How did the old commercial go? …. “Try it Mikey!” “You’ll like it!”

Update: 9 Oct 2007

I hope folks were able to get a copy before the vendor realized they had a ‘hot’ selling item. They have increased the price to $29.95 as of 9 Oct.

It is still a good price when you take into consideration the year subscription to Ancestry.

6 October 2007 - Posted by | Ancestry


  1. Hi Lee,

    Saw your post, and jumped on it like a flea on a mangy old dog.

    I also posted about it, giving your post as a go-to so that you get the hits and the credit for finding it.

    Thanks — Randy

    Comment by Randy Seaver | 7 October 2007 | Reply

  2. I grabbed that deal up quick. I’m usually the one that waits or finds it after they raise the price. Thanks for the notice!

    Comment by Steve | 16 October 2007 | Reply

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